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What's the funniest thing you have ever seen in a game?
Probably a guy tripping on a penalty shot. I was playing in a minor league game at Philly.
I won't say who it was that tripped, but it had to have been pretty embarrassing.

Who are you most often told you resemble?
I don't know, but he has to be good looking.

What is the dumbest question you have been asked in an interview?
(laughing) What did you just ask me before this question?

CD on repeat?
The Tragically Hip, all of their stuff

What is the most embarrassing CD in your collection?
Probably Bryan Adams. I don't listen to it anymore, but I do own it.

Who is the funniest player you've played with?
Marc Bergevin, but if you were to ask me who the funniest looking guy was,
I would have to say Shane Doan.

Guilty pleasure?
I like my ice cream, milk and cookies.


Nickname: Nasher


Favorite player growing up: Esa Tikkanen


How did you pick your sweater number?
I've worn it since I was a kid


Age you began to skate: 5 years old


What would you have been doing if you weren't a hockey player?


Best hockey moment: Winning the President’s Trophy (St. Louis Blues 1999-00)


What's the funniest thing a fan has yelled at you?
"Can you smoke a cigar in the shower?"


Favorite artist/music: Big fan of Garth Brooks and The Tragically Hip


Favorite actor: Mel Gibson


Favorite cereal as a kid: Honey Combs


Favorite golf course: Commonwealth Golf & Country Club (Philadelphia)


Favorite movie: Million Dollar Baby


Favorite ice cream flavor: Rocky Road


Favorite TV series: Desperate Housewives


Favorite vacation spot: Kelowna, British Columbia - God's Country


Favorite non-hockey athlete: Ex-Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash


Favorite video game: Double Dragon


Favorite tech gadget: TiVo


High school: Norkam (Kamloops)


First job: Pizza Hut Delivery Driver


First car: Pontiac Sunbird


Pet peeve: Slow drivers in the left lane


Family: Wife - Kathy, Two daughters - Madison and Georgia, and a son named Ty


Hobbies: Chess and wake boarding


How do you spend your days off: By the pool


Something that most people don't know about you: 
One of only three players to have won the Memorial Cup three times with the same team
(Ryan Huska, Tyson Nash and Darcy Tucker, Kamloops, 1992, 94, 95).