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10/22/2017 - Little mistakes continue to haunt Coyotes


10/18/2017 - Hill plays well in debut, but stellar effort goes unrewarded


10/02/2017 - Coyotes open season with fresh start, renewed excitement


03/03/2017 NHL Now: Tyson Nash joins the NHL Now Crew to discuss the Coyotes' recent trade deadline


02/10/2017 NHL Now: Coyotes TV Analyst Tyson Nash discusses the Coyotes' recent run of success


01/25/2017 NHL Now: The most intriguing man in hockey, Tyson Nash joins NHL Now to discuss the Arizona Coyotes




12/21/2016 NHL Now: Tyson Nash joins NHL Now via Skype to talk about Craig Cunningham's road to recovery


12/09/2016 NHL Now: Tyson Nash joins NHL Now to play in the Light the Lamp segment


8/23/2016 Coyotes Hot Stove - New Faces with Matt McConnell and Tyson Nash


5/19/2016 Tyson Nash on Tucson's New AHL Team




6/08/2015 Five Minutes with Nash - OEL


2/27/2015 Five Minutes with Nash - Samn Gagner


2/17/2015 Five MInutes with Nash - Shane Doan


2/15/2015 Tyson Nash Gnome Night




8/15/2014 - Tyson Nash Ice Bucket Challenge


4/8/2014 - NHL Live Speaks with Coyotes Analyst Tyson Nash


11/6/2013 - Tyson Nash Talks NHL Hockey on Five Minute Major




1/23/2013 - NHL Live Talks with Cyotes Color Analyst Tyson Nash


10/27/13 - Game Day with Tyson Nash - NHL.com




11/29/11 - Tyson Nash reviews The Golf Club, Scottsdale


9/23/11 - Paul Bissonnette Interview with Tyson Nash




3/21/10 - Coyotes Fly High - Literally


1/13/10 - Tyson comments on good friend Shane Doan's first ever bobblehead

1/7/10 - Terry Ticer, Ducks fan and Tyson's second biggest fan talks about agitators and Tyson on Ducks TV!



12/15/09 - TSN Off the Record - TSN, (panel) Off the Record (panel), Next Question, Really Off the Record

Tyson appears with Will Hill TSN Baseball writer, Bryan Muir former Washington Capital, Richard Garner

6/17/09 - TSN Off the Record

Tyson appears with Paul Rosen Canadian Paralympian, Steve Dankoff CP24 writer/producer, Terry Mercury XM Radio host.

5/27/09 - Charity Bar Tending with Sean Burke

5/2/09 - Assist4Africa Celebrity Basketball Game

4/30/09 - Tyson and Bob Heethuis Semifinals Playoffs Overview

4/14/09 - Tyson and Bob Heethuis Preview the Western Conference Playoffs

4/9/09 - Coyotes TV Game Day Interview

September 2008 - Tyson Nash Interview - Positive Side Of Sports

CoyotesFest 2006 Highlight Video

2006 Home Opener vs. Minnesota Wild - Wes Walz

3 hits by Tyson Nash and then a brawl

Fantastic Hit by Tyson on Krzysztof Oliwa January 27, 2004

Tyson Nash has had many memorable hits with the Coyotes since he joined the franchise in 2003-04 but one of his hits stands out more than all the others. It was the check he delivered on Calgary Flames’ forward Krzysztof Oliwa on Jan. 27, 2004.

Amazing goal scored December 2, 2003 vs. New Jersey Devils

St. Louis vs. Dallas March 3, 2003

Steve Ott vs Tyson Nash, Philippe Boucher hits Peter Chianick, Reed Low goes after Philippe Boucher, Philippe Boucher vs Tyson Nash + Scrum, Hit then Brandon Morrow vs Barrett Jackman, Brawl

Tyson fights Sean Avery of the Detroit Red Wings March 9, 2002

St. Louis vs. San Jose 1999-2000 Playoffs

Norton vs Nash 99-00 playoffs

Stern vs Nash, Marchment elbow 99-00

Nash charging, hit 99-00 playoffs

Greatest NHL comeback-St.louis Blues vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

This is the greatest third period comeback in the history of the NHL. The blues trailed 5-0 with 15:10 remaining in he game, and came back to score 5 goals to force overtime, and would then score ...


"End of the Road" as sung by Tyson Nash, Nolan Baumgartner, Jason Strudwick & Ryan Huska
Miss Hockey Puck 1995, Kamloops, BC, Canada