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Coyotes announcers had a good year


Jim Gintonio's Blog - Apr. 11, 2010
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Phoenix Coyotes update:


I don’t get to hear every announcer in the league but try to listen to as many different voices as I can. Based on that, Coyotes fans are fortunate to have two of the best in the NHL in Dave Strader (TV) and Bob Heethius (radio).


The toughest part of an announcer’s job is to relate the action in an unbiased way. That may sound simple – but don’t forget who provides the paycheck – and every announcer at one time or another has been, or will be, accused of being a homer.


All cross the line from time to time, it’s only natural, but Strader and Heethius continually provide coverage that is down the middle and informative.


A thumbs-up as well for analyst Tyson Nash, who has come a long way in his second year on the job.


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