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Checking In with Tyson Nash


David Vest
Sept. 22, 2005
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The latest in a series of 2005-06 Coyotes player profiles:

Tyson Nash, left wing


The cold facts: Nash, 30, played in a career-high 69 games in 2003-04, his first season with Phoenix. Nash isn't going to win any scoring titles and won't try to do so. His role is to play 12 to 15 minutes per game and serve as an agitator, as he did in Tuesday's preseason game vs. Los Angeles when he delivered a team-high five hits.


Quote: "Everyone's got a job out there, and I take pride in being physical. Goal scorers love to put the puck in the net and feed off that, but I love to bury guys into the boards. I get a real rush off it."