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Hull Cuts Up as Coyotes Help Hurricane Victims


David Vest
Sept. 11, 2005
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The Coyotes re-introduced themselves and their game to hockey fans Saturday at Glendale Arena.


The inaugural "CoyotesFest" also served as a fund-raising event for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.


Attendees toured the inner arena, listened to players and coaches explain the NHL rules changes, skated on the ice and gathered autographs and photos of their favorite players.


Brett Hull stole the show with some one-liners during a hockey-based Jeopardy! game against teammate Tyson Nash and team President Doug Moss.


At one point, emcee Bob Heethuis asked the contestants what it's called when a player scores three goals in a game.


Hull was first to buzz in and correctly answered "a hat trick." He then motioned at Nash and quipped, "There's no way he knows what that is."


Later, the panel was asked what the weight of an NHL puck is. Hull's answer: "Depends on who's shootin' it."


Hull won the game by a point even though he rarely answered in the form of a question and didn't know all the categories.


"I'll take the green section, whatever that is," Hull said as he tried to read the color-coded game board to his right.


A final count of funds raised for Katrina relief was not immediately available. The team raised nearly $3,000 from Zamboni rides and dressing room tours alone.


The big moneymaker appeared to be the "garage sale" of outdated apparel featuring the previous Coyotes logo.

Fans gobbled up the old hats, sweatshirts and T-shirts, all of which were priced at $10 or less.


North Phoenix resident Jim Pannarale, 42, enjoyed the event but suggested the Coyotes hold a few more to help reconnect with fans.


"Phoenix is a weird sports town," Pannarale said. "There are so many other things to do. But this is pretty good."